Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R is a New York State licensed psychotherapist.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brown University in 1991 and his Master of Social Work degree from The Catholic University of America(Nondenominational Program) in 1994.  He has worked with adults and children in a variety of clinical settings during over 20 years of experience and training.  This has included private practice, community mental health centers, adult and child residential treatment facilities and school based programs. 

Prior to expanding his private practice work he served as director of adult clinical services and clinical supervisor at Riverdale Mental Health Center in Riverdale, New York where he worked as an adult and child clinician from 2006-2015.  He completed three years of intensive postgraduate training in child and adolescent psychotherapy at The William Alanson White Institute in Manhattan in 2008.  He has trained in working with families, couples and groups at the Center for Group Studies in Manhattan since 2010. 

Licensed psychotherapists can come from several different initial post-graduate educational backgrounds.  These can include degrees in psychology, counseling, nursing, social work, theology and medicine.  Many psychotherapists from different initial educational backgrounds pursue similar training after receiving their post-graduate degrees.  LCSW-R(Licensed Clinical Social Worker, R designation) is the highest level of credentialing for clinical social workers in New York State.  Only those with degrees in nursing and medicine can prescribe psychiatric medication as well as practice psychotherapy.   Although I do not prescribe medication, I can work in conjunction with other practitioners who prescribe medication for those who choose to receive psychiatric medication in addition to participating in psychotherapy at my office.