Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R, Psychotherapist

Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R, Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy is a professionally guided conversation. There is no need to worry about what to say in this conversation, although people often do. All one needs to bring to therapy sessions is themselves. Psychotherapists are trained to listen, to help people put words to what they are trying to say and to begin to help find meaning in what can seem meaningless.

*Hopeless               *Worried              *Stressed            *Confused    



Emotional and behavioral problems can feel embarrassing and yet they play a critical role! They are a mind and a body's way of managing distress. There is a significant reason that they are happening. Together in counseling we will learn how to understand, cope and move beyond them.

*Sleeplessness                  *Depression               *Anxiety              *Conflict                   *Mood Swings


When people can't resolve their struggles in life they tend to believe they are different from most everyone else.   Yet these struggles often express themselves them in ways that are much more common than we realize.  They also tend to have a unique pattern to them that is a reflection of our unique circumstances, biology, relationships, history and/or other factors.

*Behavior Problems         *Sexual Problems          *Identity Problems          *Obsessions/Compulsions


Human beings are remarkably resilient in their ability to cope and even to thrive despite devastating experiences.   In certain circumstances, however, these misfortunes can be too much to bear without the specialized help of a psychologist.   The timing of if and when we need to or are ready to work on these problems with a professional in treatment can vary tremendously.  There is no one right time for anyone to come to counseling.

 *Physical Abuse       *Early Death       * Sexual Abuse      *Childhood Loss      *Traumatic Accidents/Experiences



Psychotherapy office of Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R

Psychotherapy office of Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R

Some problems are more common within and in combination with certain phases of life.   The stress of the stage of life one is in can be a problem in itself or combine with other problems to make them more challenging.  Young or emerging adults often face struggles with finding roles with careers, forming relationships and beginning families. More senior adults with endings, diminished health and establishing a new way of life.  Each phase brings stress which can have an inordinate impact given various variables.

*Divorce               *Lost Job              *Marital Conflict           *Empty Nest             *Retirement     


Lifestyles and WAYS OF LIFE

Certain ways of life and lifestyles can be harder to live than others.  Like the stress associated with phases of life, they can call for extra help on their own or be exacerbated by other problems.  The stresses of ever increasing demands on our time and the rapid changes of society and technology can at times make a balanced life seem unattainable. Ways of life that are not as common as those around us can lead to insufficient support from the community and society at large, increasing the need for assistance. 

*Chronic Illness             *LGBTQ         *Women's Issues         *Single Parents        *Disability     



When trying to find quick relief to distressing symptoms the treatment can focus on expanding coping mechanisms or the explanation of cognitive-behavioral techniques.  At other times what is called for is a deeper listening to the nuances of injuries from the past or to aspects of oneself of which one is only dimly aware. Psychodynamic or psychoanalytically informed methods are more often used to heal problems of longer duration. I have found that I need to integrate these and other theories and techniques in order to meet the wide variety of needs people have in psychotherapy.



Waiting Area

Waiting Area

  • Stress, Anxiety or Panic Attacks

  • Social Isolation or Conflict

  • Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder(Manic Depression)

  • Life Transitions and Adjustments

  • Work or Career Problems

  • Grief and Loss

  • Trauma or Abuse

  • Low Self Esteem or Self Confidence

  • Marital Problems

  • Sexual Functioning Problems

  • Anger Management

  • Sleeping Problems

  • LGBTQ Related Issues

It can often feel hard to categorize one's concerns with any one label.  I provide help and treatment for the above and many other difficulties not easily described.  It is common for people to experience a blend of different issues that come together to make life feel unmanageable. Sometimes people have more vague but very important wishes for improved self understanding, goal achievement or clarification about certain experiences or behaviors. Please contact me to discuss any concerns and we can discuss whether it would be appropriate to schedule an appointment.

My psychotherapy practice is located in Pleasantville, Westchester County, New York, close to the Saw Mill and Taconic Parkways and one block from the Pleasantville train station. It is convenient to reach from Hawthorne, Chappaqua, Valhalla, Tarrytown, Ossining, Croton, Briarcliff Manor, Thornwood, Sleepy Hollow, Armonk and Irvington among other locations.

In-Network Insurance Accepted(Please confirm current availability for the follwing on my Insurance Page): Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, CIGNA, Emblem Health, GHI, Value OptionsBeacon and The Empire Plan.

Please contact Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R to discuss out-of-pocket rates if you do not see your insurer listed here.  Contact your insurance company to verify if they provide reimbursement for "out-of-network" outpatient mental or behavioral health services.