Adult Group Psychotherapy

Effective, AFFORDABLE, Transformative

Talk about my problems with strangers?

“Too embarassing!” Take time in a group to listen until you are ready to speak and a surprise often awaits. The opposite effect can take hold. Watching others accepted for their shortcomings begins to dissolve shame. Hearing people describe similar difficulties begins to make you eager to speak! Helping another member from your own areas of strength builds self-confidence. At my Pleasantville, New York office I work with the group slowly over time to remove inhibitions to explore concerns that take longer to examine. Problems within the group become opportunities to work through similar problems in the outside world.

New Therapeutic Opportunities

Group therapy is not the right choice for every person in every situation. But in the hands of a group trained psychologist it does provide unique elements that are not present in individual psychotherapy. It has been shown to be just as effective or more effective than individual therapy in most situations. An individual therapist can tell you that you are not alone in facing difficulties but group members can ground you in the experience of it. Learning the manner in which different members see you opens up new possibilities for the way you view yourself. Listening to other group members can create a sense of permission to say what you might otherwise be uncomfortable to say alone in an individual session.


Ideally, cost should not be the only consideration in choosing group counseling but it’s affordability can make it well worth a trial or the best choice for ongoing work. The current out of network rate for group sessions is $45 per group/$85 for initial individual consultation session(s). (Fee may be lower in-network, click this sentence to confirm if your insurance plan is covered in-network. Contact insurer to confirm copay/deductible) Some groups meet once a week while others meet every two weeks.


The differing dynamics of group therapy can access issues that aren’t reached as effectively in individual therapy. When undertaken at the same time they can often enhance the work being done in the other format. This can a be a very effective approach for sticky issues that don’t seem to progress well enough in individual therapy.

Office of Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R

Office of Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R

How are gRoups organiZed?

Groups are generally composed of 6 to 10 group members. Depending on the size and needs of the group, groups meet for 60 to 90 minutes on a weekly or biweekly basis. Groups are formed with compatible members and a balance of related issues that are most likely to productively catalyze one another. The group leader, Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R, facilitates the interchange between the group members to the degree necessary. In this way the group is helped through difficult moments or guided toward relevant areas.


It is expected that group members will maintain the confidentiality of other group members. Although this is commonly a concern of those considering group therapy, in practice it is rarely a problem. Any related problems or concerns related to privacy among the group members are addressed either within group meetings themselves or individually by the group leader.


At times during the process of group therapy it is helpful for members to meet briefly individually with the leader for assistance with issues that the member is having difficulty working through within the group. While the first choice is usually to try to use the group to overcome reluctance to talk through the concern within the group itself, the other option is sometimes important as well.

How Do I Begin?

After one or a series of individual consultation appointments, a joint decision will be made as to whether group therapy at this office is appropriates. (Groups not available for children.) This can be an important opportunity to ask more detailed questions, mutually evaluate concerns and meet the therapist. The current fee for these consultation meetings is $85 or may be covered by your insurer. Group therapy can work as the only form of therapy or in conjunction with individual therapy with Nathaniel Smith, LCSW-R or another therapist.



  • Stress, Anxiety or Panic Attacks

  • Social Isolation or Conflict

  • Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder(Manic Depression)

  • Life Transitions and Adjustments

  • Work or Career Problems

  • Grief and Loss

  • Trauma or Abuse

  • Low Self Esteem or Self Confidence

  • Marital Problems

  • Sexual Functioning Problems

  • Anger Management

  • Sleeping Problems

  • LGBTQ Related Issues

It can often feel hard to categorize one's concerns with any one label.  I provide help and treatment for the above and many other difficulties not easily described.  It is common for people to experience a blend of different issues that come together to make life feel unmanageable. Sometimes people have more vague but very important wishes for improved self understanding, goal achievement or clarification about certain experiences or behaviors.   Please contact me to discuss any concerns and we can discuss whether it would be appropriate to schedule an appointment.

My psychotherapy practice is located in Pleasantville, Westchester County, New York, close to the Saw Mill and Taconic Parkways and one block from the Pleasantville train station. It is convenient to reach from Hawthorne, Chappaqua, Valhalla, Tarrytown, Ossining, Croton, Briarcliff Manor, Thornwood, Sleepy Hollow, Armonk and Irvington among other locations.

Out of Network Group Fee: $45, Individual Consultation Fee $85

In-Network Insurance Accepted(Please confirm current availability for the follwing on my Insurance Page): Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, CIGNA, Emblem Health, GHI, Value OptionsBeacon and The Empire Plan. (Copay’s/Deductibles vary, please contact your insurer)